Whistle It Like Disney Birds Might...
Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Disney birds whistled your favorite song?
Here's a chance to find out.

Whistling is fun. Sounding like Disney Birds is too.
I'm mixing these together, and opening it up to the world.

What do you want to hear?
(Expect an a cappella, solo rendition of your request.)

[ Note: This is a fun project run by an individual; no affiliation to any company, organization, institution.]
request here
Song Title & Artist *

What's the song? Who's it by?
Sky is the limit. Open to any genre, any language.
URL link to the song *

YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, 8Tracks, BandCamp, etc.

So I know what you're after, and have something to learn from if the song is new to me.
Who is this for? *

"It's for me!"
"A dedication to ____"

If you want to the final post of your request to be shared with a public dedication, it's fun to add a story - why this song? why for them? why now?
Music is medicine. 
Life is play.
Have some fun, and dance today.

Personal Information

Requested only so I can share back and let you know once I've done your request.

No spam, ever. Information will never be shared externally without explicit consent.
You want me to keep the following personal information: *

Your Name *

First name, nickname, or full name - based on your preference.
Your Email Address *

(Without the right contact info, I won't do the request because I can't get hold of you to let you know it's done!)
Online & Social

Optional: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
Where in the world are you? *

Because I'm curious where folks are requesting from. More precise the better.
(e.g. city or town, in what state or province or area, in what country).

If it gets far enough around, I'll make a fun little map with pins of where all the requests have come in from!
How did you hear about this?

Curious how things connect on this spinning rock we all share called Earth. The more precise the better.
(e.g. from a friend, on SnapChat, saw a video of a previous request)
Legalities & Logistics *

No copyright infringement intended.
No affiliation whatsoever to The Walt Disney Company, nor any affiliates or subsidiaries.
No affiliation to any of the artists, producers, companies, etc. of the songs you request, unless I happen to be connected to them by chance. (It's a small world.)

Submitting a request does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled in any specific time frame.
There is a chance your request never gets whistled.
Not to worry.
You've done what's in your control and that's all you can do. Leave the rest up to trust and chance.

Thanks for playing!
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